Meet our Team

We are Clapp Real Estate Photography! 


Clapp Real Estate Photography is a team of independent contracting photographers and editors that capture the best real estate photography using photography, and drone videography and photography.  Our team brings a professional perspective and passion for photography that showcases your home to help attract that perfect buyer. 

We strive to please our clients no matter what it takes.

Our fast turn around, beautifully edited wide angle photographs, and virtual tours, gives your listing what it takes to stand out in this busy real estate market.

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Danny Clapp - Owner/Photographer

Danny has been a real estate photographer for the past 12 years. He photographs homes, businesses and events for Real Estate agents, marketing managers and homeowners providing beautiful, professional photographs and arial photography via drone. Danny is the owner of Clapp Real Estate photography. He leads a team of independent contractors to meet the marketing needs of those needing marketing photographs.